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Our Team

We are a group of cool people loving life, what we do and the people we get to meet and serve. We commit to a high work ethic and demand of ourselves to always remain authentic and committed to delivering the best possible car purchase, finance or service experience for all our clients. We want to help you find the car that fits the way you live and ensures comfort, affordability and safety. We pride ourselves on providing the number one selling brand vehicles in Canada and the number one selling SUV with Jeep. We love living and working on the North Shore of Vancouver, surrounded by majestic ski mountains and slopes with Seymour Mountain, Grouse Mountain and Cypress Mountain.

Rick Kutschinski
Sales & Finance Specialist

Fawzi Yehya
Internet Sales Manager

My name is Fawzi Yehya. I came to Vancouver 5 years ago from Lebanon, and joined the car industry -Sales department  in 2016 at this location with Destination Chrysler.  I live in West Vancouver and I am married since 2008 and have  2 boys, 9 and 11 years old.

  • I spend most of my free time with my family, and usually I enjoy walks around the sea wall by Ambleside.
  • I am very family oriented.
  • Love Lebanese food.
  • Favourite destination is Bali
  • Best movie: God Father
  • Music I love is the oldies (70 and 80th)
  • Best time of year X-mas and New Years.
  • Favourite animal is Dogs
  • Fluent in English and Arabic

Jason Tam
Sr. Sales Advisor

Lonny Kutschinski
Sales Advisor

For the past 20 years I have been all over the map in the oilfield, from working in the heat of Argentina to the frozen tundra of the North.  Held several positions from lead operator to Superintendent of operations.  For the last several years I have been director of Operations for a large company out of Calgary, where I learned patience is indeed a virtue. 

In my free time I love to work with Barnwood and create different statement pieces, tests my impatience at times but has a calming effect also. Taking some time to golf with good friends and just busting out on the Harley when the weather cooperates.  My fingerprints make me unique, ,lol, other than that, I dye my hair grey to look my age.  I am extremely loyal and consider myself a great listener and arbitrator when the need arises.  I don't have a type when it comes to food, but if I had to pick a few, Donairs and Perogies are top #2.  In 2008 my then fiancé Brenda(now wife) and I went to Punta Cana for 2 weeks, perfect weather, perfect beaches, hard to duplicate.  Would love to go to Thailand one day.  From my past work experiences, I picked up a little Spanish in Argentina, but the lack of use has all but erased the little I had.  I tend to watch too much TV at times, would rate Yellowstone, King of Queens and Big Bang Theory top 3, with Man on Fire and The Green Mile my top 2 movies. I don't have a type when it comes to music genres, if it suits my ear, I like it.  That is anything from Country, classic rock, metal, the list goes on. Don Henley would have to my favorite vocalist.  We always looked forward to our spring trip (pre covid) wherever it took us.  Favorite was New York trip to see Billy Joel at MSG.  My favorite animal bar none is our 10 year old bulldog Charly, she sheds savagely, but loves unconditionally, the perfect pet.

Parsa Ebrahimi
Sales Advisor

Mohsen "Mo" Bordbar
Sales Advisor

Antonio Principe
Sales Advisor

Ramy Marz فارسي، كردي
Sales Advisor

Speaks English,
فارسي، كردي

I am Ramy Marz a dedicated professional salesman whom ready to make your dream car comes true within a feasible budget. I discovered my sales instinct when I sold my very first shoe at age 15, it gave me a pleasure because I was able to find a suitable shoe for my grammy whom had Arthritis, she couldn't find the desired shoe but I researched and eventually able to find what she was looking for. After such a great experience, I decide to pursue a career in BBA: marketing to better educate myself so I could put in practice all my skills professionally. While studying at school I decided to gain more experiences in different industries like Jewellery and Food Industry.

  • What you do in your free time? Meditation, Cooking Fusion Persian Food
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique)
  • Favourite food? Donair Pizza
  • Favourite place or desired place to travel? Milaidhoo Island Maldives
  • Languages spoken? Fluent in English, Farsi and Kurdish
  • Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Troy, Wolf of Wall Street, The PlatformFavourite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Vancouver Island Wolf

Nick Mokhtari
Sales Advisor



Fenton Bolden
Director of Fixed Operations

Lee Hellett
Parts Director (North Van & Squamish)

Jean Giurguis
Assistant Service Manager

Customer satisfaction is Jean's number one priority. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 5 years and is passionate about not only making sure all vehicles are safe to drive but are also fun! In his free time Jean enjoys watching and playing all sports. Jean is also a big foodie and loves to try new restaurants in the lower mainland. Jean also loves to travel and has visited Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Australia. Jean's favorite movie genre is definitely drama and he enjoys watching murder documentaries. His favorite animal is the Cheetah Normal 0 false false false EN-CA X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

Jenna Black
Service Appointment Coordinator

Stephen Farnsworth
Service Advisor

  • In my free time I work on my novel, play a ton of games (FPS, MMO).
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique) -- shall not answer that lol
  • Favorite food? --  fesenjan
  • Favorite place or desired place to travel? - Iceland, always wanted to go
  • Languages spoken? English, have forgotten all else
  • Favorite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Star Wars, metal music
  • Favorite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Cat!

Lisa Franco
Service Advisor

Mike Thomas
Parts Advisor

Parts Professionals
Parts Specialists

Service Professionals



Arvind Gupta
Dealer Principal

Arvind has a unique love and passion for life! Believes in helping be a part in making people's lives better through his service and helping connect people or find what they need to live a better quality life. This has been demonstrated through his many years in automotive sales, helping him achieve various accolades over the years one being No 1 Sales person in North America 2011. Using his education, background and MBA degree, he tailor makes deals to suit each person individually. He is a role model and inspiration to his team and truly leads by example as a mentor. He is married and the proud father of 3 beautiful, fun and brilliant kids. He is from India.

  • He loves to read in his free time
  • His passion to make a difference makes him unique.
  • Favourite food is Spicy Vegetarian Indian Cuisine
  • Favourite place to travel is Canada :-)
  • Favourite movie is Invictus
  • His favourite animal is the grizzly bear
  • loves happy music and loves birthdays with his kids
  • He speaks Hindi, Punjabi and English

    Paul Loo
    Sales Manager

    With over 20 years of experience with Chrysler, Paul knows the brand inside out and always uses his wealth of knowledge, to help his customers make an informed buying decision. 

    In his spare time, Paul enjoys making music and new remixes on his turntable, he also loves watching movies at home with his three dogs.

    Gulzaar A. Tejpar
    Human Resource Manager

    Clive Stanley
    Director of Business Development

    Focus on development of customer service and lead generation innovations and communications to further support and enhance a dynamic sales force. Brand awareness, online reputation and presence management. Business development for advanced lead generation and optimization. Advanced innovative systems to support effective and professional business systems and operations.

    I am passionate about being part of this great team to further develop and increase business to the next level, both locally and regionally. My broad skill-set and capacity supports my ability to dig in and focus on helping the leadership team, manage and grow the business, as well as develop new business opportunities.

    • I enjoy movies, family time, gym and walks in free time
    • My passion to deliver excellence and help others is my differentiator
    • Favorite food is cheese eggs and sushi
    • Would love to enjoy traveling the globe with my wife
    • Speak English, Afrikaans, Tswana, Northern Sotho
    • Favorite movie is too many to mention :-) 
    • Love all music, except hard core hiphop or metal and LOVE all family events.
    • Love marine and tropical fish!



    Hasina Hedaiat
    Director of Finance

    Gagan Gosal
    Finance Manager

    What you do in your free time?

    •     Photography or research on trending topics
    Favourite food?
    • I love Greek food, I used to own a Greek restaurant in white rock.
    Favourite place or desired place to travel?
    • Bali is one of my favorite places I have travelled to.
    Languages spoken?
    • English, Punjabi, hindi
    Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event?
    • Movies: Fast n furious franchise, avenger endgame, 365
    • Music genre: country music, death metal, indi rock, hip hop.
    • Yearly event: Christmas holidays
    Favourite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent?
    • Jaguar, Lion

    Darius Gonsalves
    Finance Manager

    Omar Chebli
    Subprime Finance Manager

    Ahmad Karrout
    Subprime Finance Manager

    Arian King
    Subprime Finance Manager

    Manny Gill
    Specialised Sales & Finance



    Melica Hamidi



    Alistair Lam
    Asst. Controller



    Arsh Gill
    Insurance Specialist



    Gene Pacturayan
    Lot Manager

    Francisco Calegan
    Senior Detailer & Lot Support

    Liam Brick
    Lot Attendant & Driver

    Kyle Mercer
    Shuttle Driver & Lot Support