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Dan Duckworth
Director of Operations Canada
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3103

Lord Stanley
General Sales Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3159

Focus on development of customer service and lead generation innovations and communications to further support and enhance a dynamic sales force. Brand awareness, online reputation and presence management. Business development for advanced lead generation and optimization. Advanced innovative systems to support effective and professional business systems and operations.

I am passionate about being part of this great team to further develop and increase business to the next level, both locally and regionally. My broad skill-set and capacity supports my ability to dig in and focus on helping the leadership team, manage and grow the business, as well as develop new business opportunities.

  • I enjoy movies, family time, gym and walks in free time
  • My passion to deliver excellence and help others is my differentiator
  • Favorite food is cheese eggs and sushi
  • Would love to enjoy traveling the globe with my wife
  • Speak English, Afrikaans, Tswana, Northern Sotho
  • Favorite movie is too many to mention :-) 
  • Love all music, except hard core hiphop or metal and LOVE all family events.
  • Love marine and tropical fish!

Scott Guthrie
Fleet & Leasing Manager
(604) 614-8957



Water Chen
Sales Manager
(604) 779-6026

Jason Tam
Sales Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3154

Mahad Insaniye
Inventory Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3111

  • In my free time I enjoy spending time with my Wife and Children and reminiscing of the past, working on present obstacles, and planning for the future.
  • My humanity, sense of humor, and my ideas of pushing for success.
  • Even though today is the start of the holly month of Ramadan and today my first day of fasting sunrise to sunset; but my favourite food is Italian food.
  • As for travel I have not been to South America, and South Africa {Hint}.  Would love to visit Brazil, Argentina, etc.
  • Languages in fluent Somali and English.  Languages can read and write Italian, and Arabic and can remembers bits and pieces from my childhood. 
  • As far as Entertainment Movies and shows; historical, dramas, comedy, love story, action shows and movies.
  • As for Pets, monkeys and that was my childhood.

Stefani Gonzalez
Marketing & Media Coordinator
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3167

Nancy Evans
Customer Experience Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3100

Ramy Marz فارسي، كردي
Sales Advisor

Speaks English,
فارسي، كردي

I am Ramy Marz a dedicated professional salesman whom ready to make your dream car comes true within a feasible budget. I discovered my sales instinct when I sold my very first shoe at age 15, it gave me a pleasure because I was able to find a suitable shoe for my grammy whom had Arthritis, she couldn't find the desired shoe but I researched and eventually able to find what she was looking for. After such a great experience, I decide to pursue a career in BBA: marketing to better educate myself so I could put in practice all my skills professionally. While studying at school I decided to gain more experiences in different industries like Jewellery and Food Industry.

  • What you do in your free time? Meditation, Cooking Fusion Persian Food
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique)
  • Favourite food? Donair Pizza
  • Favourite place or desired place to travel? Milaidhoo Island Maldives
  • Languages spoken? Fluent in English, Farsi and Kurdish
  • Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Troy, Wolf of Wall Street, The PlatformFavourite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Vancouver Island Wolf

Lyndsey Sutton
Sales Advisor

• What you do in your free time? I love to eat at new restaurants, travel and search for wildlife.
• What makes you one of a kind? My funny British accent.
• Favourite food? Chocolate / Sushi
• Favourite place or desired place to travel? I love Africa, Next on my bucket list is Antarctica
• Languages spoken? English
• Favorite movie - Bridesmaids, TV series - how to get away with murder, music - everything
• Favorite animal is an elephant

Zach Guthrie
Sales Advisor
(604) 910-8483

Hello! My name is Zach Guthrie, and I am excited to help you find the perfect vehicle that suits all your wants and needs! Throughout my entire life, I have been surrounded by the automotive industry and have had an in-depth understanding of how it works from a very young age. You can say that I practically learned to walk in the dealerships my parents worked at while growing up. Since I was a child, I knew that being in this industry was what I was meant to do. I have a very thorough recollection of sitting through my Father's sales deals growing up, and I pride myself on how I picked up an appreciation for customer satisfaction throughout those experiences. I started my career in the automotive industry as an Aftermarket Sales Specialist, where I took part in putting together comprehensive build strategies on a wide range of vehicles, as well as picked up an extensive product knowledge of different vehicles, performance parts, wheels, and tires.

•    In my free time I enjoy spending time with my friends and family, going to the gym, and reading and learning about new and upcoming vehicles and automotive trends.

•    I believe what makes me one of a kind is my excellent customer service skills, and my heart of gold.

•    My favourite food would have to be a big tenderloin steak, medium rare of course.

•    My favourite place would have to be the local Mission Raceway, where I enjoy watching the different modified cars race each other down the quarter mile.

•    I currently only speak English but do have a desire to become fluent in French as well.

•    My favourite movie would have to be The Godfather, a true classic in my opinion. For music I tend to jump all around the place, listening to almost any genre that exists.

•    My favourite animal would have to be dogs, specifically my golden-doodle Moose.

Dawson Bechard
Sales Advisor
(226) 507-1141

For my free time I usually go snowboarding or I'm playing video games. I'd say the things that make me unique are my musical talents along with my cooking abilities. My favourite food would have to be Jamaican cuisine, I'm a huge fan of jerk chicken and the culture itself. Its by far one of my favourite places to visit. I speak English and know more French than your average person but am not fluent. My favourite tv show currently would have to be Queen of the south. I'm a big fan of hip hop music and love the Christmas holidays and my favourite animal would have to be a red panda. They are adorable

Nathan Marshall-Fox
Sales Advisor
(778) 707-0315

Ali Fallah
Sales Advisor
(778) 723-4427

Sep Aghigh
Sales Advisor
(778) 879-9863

I am Sep Aghigh. Professional Sales Advisor, here to devote all my efforts with any vehicle inquiries or questions that you may have.
I graduated with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Accounting and Finance. I have been a car enthusiast since very young age, and I want to help anyone and everyone with all the knowledge and passion I have, to experience the joy of driving the car they've always dreamed of.

Since I have been through many car shopping instances myself, I understand how it feels shopping for your new car and that is why client experience is my top priority. I am committed to make everyone's car shopping experience unparalleled.

I have worked in various industries including financial services and banking, retail, real estate, service, and hospitality.

I come from a family of four and I was raised in Vancouver. My favorite sports to watch are hockey and soccer.

  • What you do in your free time? Spending time with family and friends, driving, & exercising. Started to go for a dip in cold water occasionally.
  • What makes you one of a kind? "Your personality is unique", I have been told!
  • Favourite food? Albaloo polo, A Persian dish that if its cooked properly, it tastes heavenly.
  • Favourite place or desired place to travel? Would absolutely love to one day visit Bora Bora Island and Dubai.
  • Languages spoken? Fluent in both English and Farsi.
  • Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Fast and Furious series are my absolute favorite movies. The Notebook is also top on my list of movies.

Angus Chang
Sales Advisor
(778) 865-4088

Hello, my name is Angus and I'm of the sales associates at Foundation Chrysler and I'm looking forward to meeting you in person! I've been in the automotive industry since I was 17 and I worked my way up to a sales associate position. I started all the way back in 2019 and I've never looked back! Helping everyone find their perfect vehicle and finding new and improved way to improve my customer service skills!

In my free time, I like to play basketball, watch movies and go for rides on my motorcycle

I believe what makes me one of a kind is I always try and find a way to say yes!

My favourite food would have to be Korean BBQ

My favourite place would have to be where my family is from, Taiwan. It's always nice to go back to visit family and explore new places there that I've never been

I speak English and Mandarin

My favourite genre of music would have to be either R&B or rap

My favourite Animal would have to be a Red Panda, too bad I can't have one as a pet!



Fawzi Yehya
Finance Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3137

My name is Fawzi Yehya. I came to Vancouver 5 years ago from Lebanon, and joined the car industry -Sales department  in 2016 at this location with Destination Chrysler.  I live in West Vancouver and I am married since 2008 and have  2 boys, 9 and 11 years old.

I spend most of my free time with my family, and usually I enjoy walks around the sea wall by Ambleside.
I am very family oriented.
Love Lebanese food.
Favourite destination is Bali
Best movie: God Father
Music I love is the oldies (70 and 80th)
Best time of year X-mas and New Years.
Favourite animal is Dogs
Fluent in English and Arabic



Jean Giurguis
Service Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3155

Customer satisfaction is Jean's number one priority. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 5 years and is passionate about not only making sure all vehicles are safe to drive but are also fun! In his free time Jean enjoys watching and playing all sports. Jean is also a big foodie and loves to try new restaurants in the lower mainland. Jean also loves to travel and has visited Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Australia. Jean's favorite movie genre is definitely drama and he enjoys watching murder documentaries. His favorite animal is the Cheetah!

Stephen Farnsworth
Service Advisor
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3157

  • In my free time I work on my novel, play a ton of games (FPS, MMO).
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique) -- shall not answer that lol
  • Favorite food? --  fesenjan
  • Favorite place or desired place to travel? - Iceland, always wanted to go
  • Languages spoken? English, have forgotten all else
  • Favorite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Star Wars, metal music
  • Favorite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Cat!

Don Belcourt
Service Advisor
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3169

Dillon McGee
Service Advisor
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3158

Jacqueline Lowe
Service Coordinator
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3152

Jon Thiessen
Shuttle Driver

Jon takes pride in his service to our loyal customers. Insuring all our customers get to, and from the dealership safely, while enjoying some friendly conversations. On his free time you can find Jon relaxing with his family, and enjoying the UFC fight nights! Our #1 priority is our loyal customers, so we want to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way! Enjoy your complimentary ride with Jon next time you stop by for a service!
"Animal lover, MMA enthusiast, and a perfect solution to get yourself home safely" - Jon Thiessen

Soroush Rahimi
Service Lot Attendant
(604) 980-8501

Service Professionals



Justin Desaulniers
Parts Manager
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3166

Juan Lopez
Parts Advisor

Frank Bellavance
Parts Driver

Carl Codling
Parts Advisor

Dana Tanner
Parts Advisor
604.980.8501 Ext. 3147



Ara Mondragon
(604) 980-8501

Karen Dong
Weekend Receptionist
(604) 980-8501



Sachian Gounden
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3124

Clifford Li
Senior Accountant
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3174

Jhaymie Ventosa
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3153

Christine Pontanilla
Accounting Assistant
(604) 980-8501 Ext. 3173



Gene Pacturayan
Lot Manager
(888) 885-3367

Saman Yousefi
Lot Attendant
(604) 980-8501

Devarsh Patel
Lot Attendant
(604) 980 8501

Nik Belanger
(604) 980-8501

Liam Brick
Part-time Lot Attendant
(604) 980-8501

Tanner Mc Mahon
Part-time Lot Attendant
(604) 980-8501

Matt Hamilton
Part-time Lot & Detail
(888) 885-3367

Benjamin LaBreche
Part-time Detail & Lot
(604) 980-8501

Calvin Chow
Part-time Lot Attendant

Amin Fallah
Part-time Lot Attendant
(604) 980-8501