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North Vancouver

Lindsey Sutton
Sales Advisor

• What you do in your free time? I love to eat at new restaurants, travel and search for wildlife.
• What makes you one of a kind? My funny British accent.
• Favourite food? Chocolate / Curry
• Favourite place or desired place to travel? I love Africa, Next on my bucket list is Antarctica
• Languages spoken? English
• avorite movie - Bridesmaids, TV series - how to get away with murder, music - everything
• Favorite animal is an elephant

Nima Nabilou
Sales Advisor

Get to know me...

  • What you do in your free time?
    • Workout at the gym, read books and socialize with friends.
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique)
    • I am outgoing with the ability to make people smile a lot.
  • Favorite food?
    • Poutine
  • Favorite place or desired place to travel?
    • Autobahn
  • Languages spoken?
    • English and Farsi
  • Favorite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event?
    • The Office, pop and my New Years
  • Favorite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent?
    • Lion

Anton Udalov
Sales Advisor

Maria Altube
Sales Advisor

In my free time I love be with my family, cook, go for walk with my dog and do exercises.
What makes you one of a kind? (unique) I think that be myself always=)
Favourite food? I love my Venezuelan food, It is my first option forever, I like Pasta and Indian food too.
Favourite place or desired place to travel? I love go to Venezuela and Colombia.
Languages spoken? Spanish/ English.
Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? My favorite movie is Lion King, I love Christian music/ Pop music, my favorites  yearly events are Christmas and new year.
Favourite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? I love Dogs, Turtles and parrots.

Robert Borak
Sales Advisor

I attended Trinity Western University graduated with a Bachelors degree and project management certification, I am new to the auto industry, started with Mercedes, now excited to work with the Jeep and Chrysler brands.

Lifelong car and truck enthusiast 

Hobbies are skiing and jiu jitsu, coaching my sons hockey team. 

I speak Slovenian and of course English

Favourite animal is my mini schnauzer George

Milad Zadeh
Sales Advisor

I like to practice guitar, and read a books

My social skills help me stand out

My favourite food is Roast Lamb

My favourite place or desired place to travel is Budapest, Hungary

I speak Farsi & English

My favourite Movie is Mr Gatsby and Sziget festival is my favourite event

My favourite animal is Lion, favourite pet is a poodle dog, favourite Mammal is Deer, Hate Insects and Rodents

Ramy Marz فارسي، كردي
Internet Sales Manager

Speaks English,
فارسي، كردي

I am Ramy Marz a dedicated professional salesman whom ready to make your dream car comes true within a feasible budget. I discovered my sales instinct when I sold my very first shoe at age 15, it gave me a pleasure because I was able to find a suitable shoe for my grammy whom had Arthritis, she couldn't find the desired shoe but I researched and eventually able to find what she was looking for. After such a great experience, I decide to pursue a career in BBA: marketing to better educate myself so I could put in practice all my skills professionally. While studying at school I decided to gain more experiences in different industries like Jewellery and Food Industry.

  • What you do in your free time? Meditation, Cooking Fusion Persian Food
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique)
  • Favourite food? Donair Pizza
  • Favourite place or desired place to travel? Milaidhoo Island Maldives
  • Languages spoken? Fluent in English, Farsi and Kurdish
  • Favourite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Troy, Wolf of Wall Street, The PlatformFavourite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Vancouver Island Wolf



Fawzi Yehya
Finance Manager

My name is Fawzi Yehya. I came to Vancouver 5 years ago from Lebanon, and joined the car industry -Sales department  in 2016 at this location with Destination Chrysler.  I live in West Vancouver and I am married since 2008 and have  2 boys, 9 and 11 years old.

I spend most of my free time with my family, and usually I enjoy walks around the sea wall by Ambleside.
I am very family oriented.
Love Lebanese food.
Favourite destination is Bali
Best movie: God Father
Music I love is the oldies (70 and 80th)
Best time of year X-mas and New Years.
Favourite animal is Dogs
Fluent in English and Arabic

Kimberly Power
Special Finance Manager



Fenton Bolden
General Manager
(888) 885-3367

Darius Gonsalves
Sales Manager
(888) 885-3367

Darius takes pride in his service to our loyal/new customers. Insuring all our customers get the best experience, financing options, and sticker price on the vehicle they want, while also enjoying some friendly conversations. On his free time you can find Darius relaxing with his family, and walking his dogs! Our #1 priority is our loyal/new customers, so we want to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way! We can promise you, Darius will go above and beyond, so you get the ultimate experience with us!

Jason Tam
Sales Manager

Jean Giurguis
Service Manager

Customer satisfaction is Jean's number one priority. He has worked in the automotive industry for over 5 years and is passionate about not only making sure all vehicles are safe to drive but are also fun! In his free time Jean enjoys watching and playing all sports. Jean is also a big foodie and loves to try new restaurants in the lower mainland. Jean also loves to travel and has visited Egypt, Brazil, Costa Rica, and Australia. Jean's favorite movie genre is definitely drama and he enjoys watching murder documentaries. His favorite animal is the Cheetah!

Lisa Franco
Assistant Service Manager
(888) 890-0531

Justin Desaulniers
Interim Parts Manager

Lord Stanley
Director of Business Development & Marketing
(888) 885-3367

Focus on development of customer service and lead generation innovations and communications to further support and enhance a dynamic sales force. Brand awareness, online reputation and presence management. Business development for advanced lead generation and optimization. Advanced innovative systems to support effective and professional business systems and operations.

I am passionate about being part of this great team to further develop and increase business to the next level, both locally and regionally. My broad skill-set and capacity supports my ability to dig in and focus on helping the leadership team, manage and grow the business, as well as develop new business opportunities.

  • I enjoy movies, family time, gym and walks in free time
  • My passion to deliver excellence and help others is my differentiator
  • Favorite food is cheese eggs and sushi
  • Would love to enjoy traveling the globe with my wife
  • Speak English, Afrikaans, Tswana, Northern Sotho
  • Favorite movie is too many to mention :-) 
  • Love all music, except hard core hiphop or metal and LOVE all family events.
  • Love marine and tropical fish!



Gene Pacturayan
Lot Manager
(888) 885-3367

Calvin Chow
Media & Lot Support

Matt Hamilton
Lot & Detail Assistant
(888) 885-3367

Benjamin LaBreche
Detailer & Lot Assistant
(888) 885-3367

Liam Brick
Lot Attendant & Driver
(888) 885-3367

Tanner Mc Mahon
Lot Attendant
(888) 885-3367



Stephen Farnsworth
Service Advisor
(888) 885-3367

  • In my free time I work on my novel, play a ton of games (FPS, MMO).
  • What makes you one of a kind? (unique) -- shall not answer that lol
  • Favorite food? --  fesenjan
  • Favorite place or desired place to travel? - Iceland, always wanted to go
  • Languages spoken? English, have forgotten all else
  • Favorite movie/tv series, music genre and yearly event? Star Wars, metal music
  • Favorite animal/pet or creature? Mammal? Insect? Rodent? Cat!

Don Belcourt
Service Advisor
(888) 890-0531

Dillon McGee
Service Advisor
(888) 890-0531 ext.3158

Mike Thomas
Parts Advisor
(888) 885-3367

Frank Bellavance
Parts Driver

Jon Thiessen
Shuttle Driver

Jon takes pride in his service to our loyal customers. Insuring all our customers get to, and from the dealership safely, while enjoying some friendly conversations. On his free time you can find Jon relaxing with his family, and enjoying the UFC fight nights! Our #1 priority is our loyal customers, so we want to make sure you are taken care of every step of the way! Enjoy your complimentary ride with Jon next time you stop by for a service!
"Animal lover, MMA enthusiast, and a perfect solution to get yourself home safely" - Jon Thiessen

Parts Professionals
Parts Specialists
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Service Professionals
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Carl Codling
Parts Advisor



Stefani Gonzalez

Lauren McKay
Weekend Receptionist



Venessa Lo
Office Manager
604.980.8501 ext.3174

Abhishek Gupta
Accounting Assistant
(888) 885-3367

Jhaymie Ventosa
Accounting Assistant
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